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About IRTA

IRTA's aims are three-fold:

  • to identify, develop, test and demonstrate safer alternatives in a variety of applications, with an emphasis on solvents

  • to demonstrate and evaluate new and emerging technologies and processes

  • to work with regulators to ensure sensible policies are  implemented

IRTA has expertise in finding alternatives in dry cleaning, electronics, repair and maintenance cleaning, brake cleaning, batch loaded cold cleaning, vapor degreasing, handwipe cleaning, precision cleaning, lithographic printing cleanup, screen printing cleanup, adhesive and coating application equipment cleanup, auto aerosol cleaning, textile industry spotting agents, aircraft and ground vehicle stripping, furniture stripping, autobody coatings, wood furniture coatings, marine coatings, foam fabrication adhesives, contact adhesives, lubricants, vanishing oils and rust inhibitors.


IRTA has completed five fact sheets related to nonbiocide boat hull paint alternatives:

        Alternatives to Copper Antifouling Paints for Pleasure Craft
        Diver Maintenance Practices for Nonbiocide Alternative Boat Hull Paints
        Alternative Boat Hull Paint Stripping Methods
        Alternative Application Methods for Nonbiocide Boat Hull Paints
        Boatyard Copper Recycling Opportunities

IRTA has also completed three fact sheets related graffiti management alternatives:

       Graffiti Removal: Alternative Blasting Systems
       Graffiti Removal: Safer Alternative Graffiti Removers
       Graffiti Removal: Films and Graffiti Resistant Coatings for Protecting Surfaces

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